A New Challenge

I am endeavoring to a new Upcycle project.  My Art Angel Herman, who frames my work, suggested that I try painting on glass and mirror.  I am like, “glass?”.  Of course I had no idea on how to approach this, but I accepted the challenge.  He went ahead and gave me small panes of glass and strips of mirror and wrap them up carefully.  He warned me that the edges were sharp and that I should be careful not to hurt myself.  He is now waiting with bated breaths to see what my inner crazy will produce.

I am doing research on what I could do, but I am not seeing anything that resonates with me.  I know that I need to do something original, something out of the box.  The raw materials will be free, recycled scraps, so I have no limits, I now have the opportunity to one again do something innovative and unorthodox and then, persons will mimic my style.

So as I embrace this new opportunity to grow, I am will give it my best shot.  Let’s see how this materializes, I am open to ideas and suggestions.

Art works: www.shawnashmanart.com

Walk Good.

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