Bold Dreams

Your dreams should be so bold that they frighten you.  Your plans for your life should be magnanimous and should feature the highest vision that you can possibly have for yourself.  The challenge to get this dream should inspire you to learn more, do more and become more.  At the end of the process you would have met new people, learn new procedures,and feel closer to being your authentic self.  So how do you set these goals?

Persons have the tendency to have a big dream, they then look around and look at their current situation and then limit their version of the goal to a small bite size manageable piece.  Then when the watered down version of the dream is achieved, they would not have been stretched to achieve the goal so they don’t feel accomplished.  So don’t look around at your current resources, knowledge and abilities and set goals, instead set the goal from your heart and everything else will fall into place.

Once you are clear about your dreams, and you are absolute about it, put it out in the Universe.  Ask God for his divine intervention and guidance and ask him to manifest it so that his will can be done.  Then like magic, the right connections will be made, the right persons will show up and you will get started.  Along the way you will get instructions, unorthodox in nature because they may be unconventional for you. Follow the instructions, you might not see what the outcome will be, but do it anyway.  Trust God and let him do the work.

Make the major goal manageable, break it into small bite-size pieces so that you are not overwhelmed.  Manage the small projects and celebrate these small wins, draw a map and map your progress as you go along. Makes list and set yourself reminders.  Learn more about goal setting in “Life on Canvas, the Art of Painting Your Life Beautifully”.

Believe in your heart that this goal can be accomplished.  See the end in sight, and trust God.

Walk Good.

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