Get your Fingers In the Paint

Jamiacan vernacular for persons who are uptight is “stush.”  Stush persons who are in pursuit of their dreams, want to do it without getting their hands dirty.  They want everything on a platter and without having to lift any weight.  I am here to tell you to get your hands dirty, get your fingers in the paint.

Become one with the paint, become one with your tools and circumstances and if they are not what you want them to feel or look like, change them.  You will only know the texture of your paint when you feel it, rub it between your fingers and determine if this will do the job.

In doing the ground work, getting your hand dirty is where you learn the foundation of your trade.  If you don’t understand the paint that you use then you will not been in a good position to assess your tools and influence the outcome of your painting.

Dig in, paint with your finger and understand the bottom line.

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