Getting Your Child to Stay Focused~

Do you have a wonderful child that does OK in school but is not well rounded?

Do you want your child to have a deeper understanding of the dynamics of other teenagers who have to struggle and work hard, and who may be doing better that your child?

Does it concern you that your child may not be focused enough for this new school year?

If you said yes to one or more of these questions then my story is for you.  Born in Grants Pen, without electricity and running water.  Born in seeming poverty, and exposure to constant abuse.  I have learned to upcycle my life by forming a picture of success for who I want to be and have worked assiduously towards its achievements.

Due to scarce spoils, I realized that I needed to be prepared for any opportunity that come my way.  When the time comes, I should be ready to take the opportunity and run with it.  So, I studied under the street lamp and via my neighbour’s back yard at times, to ensure that I was prepared for my future.  With limited books and reference materials, I gave my life the best shot I could.

When the opportunity finally came for me, I had no support and so I decided to get someone else interested in my dreams.  I went to the police station fully dressed in my uniform, CXC results in hand to convince Inspector Cornwall “Bigga” Ford that I am worth his signature.  I asked convincingly for a recommendation that would determine my future and he obliged me.

From that act of colouring outside the lines, I afforded myself a scholarship to the USA where I continued to improve myself from a despondent child to a driven adult.

My book, life on canvas, the art of painting your life beautifully, is an easy-to-read material that will no doubt inspire you and your child to live the best life that you possibly can.

Shawn Ashman is the name, proud artist, ICT Director, National Mentor, Artreprenure and Inspirational Speaker.  I would love to share a word with you today so please visit my table and let us explore greater possibilities for you and your child.

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