Shawn Ashman Upcycled Her Life

Shawn C. Ashman came from humble beginnings, but she knew there was more out there for her.

Ashman is an artist. She was initially taught to paint by Basil Clayton, and together, they would spend afternoons painting by the roadside as just a hobby. It eventually evolved into something much more. She did a short course at Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, and tried her hand at different fine art. But then she wanted more from her work.

“I create beautiful paintings, yes. But so what? There needed to be more. There needs to be a story. What better story than my own? And then I thought of up cycling taking things that are cast out or thought of to be useless, and make them into something more,” Ashman tells Outlook.

From there, she began to use old wine bottles, scraps of fabric and broken jewellery to create masterpieces. Never did she think that after her childhood, that she would be where she is today.


Up Cycling Her Life


Growing up in the inner city of Grants Pen, her father tried to protect her from all the ills that could afflict her, not realising that he was ‘stifling’ her growth. She always wanted to explore, and her mind was always busy.

Her father, in his attempt to keep her away from some of the casualties of every day life in her community, built a high fence around their home. However, Ashman, being the curious child she was, unscrewed some nails in the fence and snuck out from time to time to play games with the neighbourhood children, or just to peek out to see what was happening on the outside.


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