Starting Afresh – A New Dance

A friend of mine is so despondent, saying, “Time done gone already, it’s too late for me now.”  This kind of mindset and perspective on your life is skewed.  Firstly, painting a beautiful life means you can start over at anytime.  As an artist, I sometimes paint a picture that doesn’t resonate with me;  Instead of throwing out this expensive canvas, I re purpose it.

I grab a jar of Gesso and paint it over.  Two lovely quotes of gesso and the canvas is primed and ready to go again.  In life you can start afresh by being born again, looking at your life’s potential afresh.  Decide and be very clear about the picture you want to paint for your life.  Decide on your colour scheme and the tools you want to use and the technique you will employ.  So ask yourself, what do I want for my life?  What do I want to accomplish? Where am I?  Decide on what you want, set your macro and micro goals and start painting your picture one stroke at a time.

It is never too late to start afresh.  There is always time, might as well you spend the time your have pursuing your dreams versus using the time telling yourself that why bother.  Since you have the time, why not use it positively and empower yourself and not dwell in your “un-empowering” thoughts of self-defeat.

Upcycle yourself, start anew and give yourself a second, third or fourth chance.

Walk Good.

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