The Nudge by a Stranger

Sometimes an Art Angel will pop into your life, just to steer you in a particular path.  They will then move forward along their journey to inspire and nurture another souls.  Don’t linger, learn the lesson and move in the direction of the nudge.  Don’t get caught up in the fact that they have to leave, instead usher them along.  If they stay, the energy they bring to you will be weakened, let them go and say thank you.

When these angels emerge, their goals are specific and your job is to understand their purpose and get to work.  So ask yourself:

  • What is the lesson?
  • What should I change?
  • What are the next steps?

As you transition into your new path, give thanks and bless your angel, because the main reason why persons show up in our life is for us to grow and change.

I recently had this experience and I was trying to hold on, but spirit said let go and I did.

Walk Good.

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