Tun Yu Hand Meck Fashion

When I was a child growing up in poverty delicious meals were hard to put together, because of scarce ingredients.  My mother with basic knowledge of food groups made every effort to put tasty meals on the table for us to eat.  My mother became very creative in this regard and she would “Turn her hand and make fashion”, basically using what she had to make her meals.

My mother indulged in her creativity each day, and eggs being a great source of protein was usually used when we ran out of “salt-thing” or meat.   She would combine vegetable and ground provisions to make meal, cooked a lot of soup and beans to ensure that we had enough from each food group.

Like my mom, embrace your creative and turn your hand and make fashion.  How can this be done? Here are some suggestions:

  • Reuse the piece of soaps left from your bathroom to make your own bar
  • Use glass jars and bottles to decorate your home
  • Decorate cardboard boxes to provide storage
  • Creative dishes (vegetable base) to feed your meals
  • Create craft items for sale on ebay and etsy
  • Make your own pillow cases, curtains etc.

“Tun yu han mek fashion” embrace your creative and see what lies in your hands.

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