Unchained Voice

Let the Words Echo – Speak Out

By Shawn Ashman

I will not shut my mouth, please don’t ask me to

I will talk up, I am not afraid of you

The time has come, the season is here

Lets put an end to this, endless pain and fear


What you have done; continue to do, is a shame

You batter and vandalize women and puncture their veins

Scald them with hot water because they don’t do it your way

“Cow” them down, and tell them exactly what to say


That day has passed now, I am going to speak

I will tell the world about your ways, every day of the week

Don’t think I am afraid to go global with my voice

I am gonna let everyone know that this is my plight


How could you rape me, force me against my will?

How could you tell me, not to take the pill?

How many more children are you gonna sweet talk?

Are you gonna continue to “lay-wait” them  in the dark?


I am gonna tell my mother you nasty fool..

I am not here for your pleasure, allow me to go to school

I am a person, with my own life and gains

I am gonna report you, if you ever come near me again


I am not taking this no more, I am going to speak

I am not your beating stick, I am strong, not weak

I am gonna tell someone of this maddening pain

I have nothing to lose and so much to gain


Let’s join hands and testify, bawl out over the fence

We don’t have to go in court, let us use the video conference

Let us use technology and stop this useless pain

Let us unite and support our women and children


Speak Out!

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