What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a visual representation of the things and experiences you want to have and enjoy in your life.  The more you see the pictures the more the ideas are programmed into your subconscious brain and then you work in-inadvertently to achieve them.

  • Objective of Our Workshops

The ‘The Art of the Vision Board Workshop – Make Life Happen’ allows participants to create a vision statement and focus on their life’s purpose, set SMART goals that are align to their vision and create a collage that pictorially represents these vision and dreams.


Our workbook is free for all workshop participants.  Using the workbook, “The Art of the Vision Board, Goal Setting for Success”, will help each participant to:

    •  Compose their Vision Statement

      1. · Set Goals (Macro and Micro Goals)

      2. · Learn about the Board and their role in Goal Attainment

      3. · Create a Vision Board

      4. · Learn How to Use the Vision Board

E-Book available at the link below (picture not to scale)

Creating the Vision Board

This section of the Workshop takes about 90 minutes.  In this session, participants will use pictures and texts from magazines, company brochures, newspaper and books to represent their dreams.  They will then organize these pictures in an artistic collage on an art board.  This time is sacred as it requires inner-reflection and a commitment to manifesting dreams and goals.

The workshop setting is relaxing with light background music. Depending on the clients, incense or candles will be used to set the mood. 

Full assistance is provided by our team to support the design process. 

What do You Need?

All the supplies are provided including the workbook.  Persons should be open minded and willing to explore their creativity by tapping into their inner Picasso. Each participant will leave with a completed vision board or bottle that can be referenced for goals manifestation.


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We can design your board for you:

Physical | Vision Board Design Service

Electronic | Vision Board Design Service

We have other workshops all based on using creativity and Art: Time Management, Change Management, Stress Management etc…



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