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One Love Painting Ceremony

This is a fun alternative to the traditional sand or candle ceremony performed at weddings.  The one love Painting Ceremony lets the couple celebrate their unity in a creative and artistic way that truly represent themselves.

Every marriage starts out like a blank canvas representing the day of the wedding.

The paint colours signify the experiences that lie ahead.

How it works:  

The paint is poured on the canvas where the colours blend and mix to create a artist representation of the experiences that will be shared in years ahead.

Duration of Ceremony

The ceremony lasts 3-5 minutes.

Mixed Media Commissioned Artwork

Mixed Media involves using jewelry and trinkets from both persons to create a unique piece of artwork for a keep sake.

Option 1

Canvas size:      16″ x 20″



Live on Canvas gives you an opportunity to hire me to come to your wedding and paint while the ceremony is going on.  I capture the essence of occasion while uniquely preserving it for years to come on canvas using acrylic paints.

An  easel will be set up on-site during the festivities where guests can watch as the painting unfolds.    There is nothing like experiencing art in person, its like being in a live art studio.  This painting can be displayed in your home or can be used to do the thank you card for your guests.

As the wedding painting comes to life on canvas, it adds a fresh and engaging dimension to your event.   The finished work keeps great memories alive for years.



Engagement Shoot Couples Painting

Shawn Ashman Art introduces an original and fresh concept of couples painting for the Engagement photo shoot. We will offer a one hour art session where the couple create art together that will be had as a keepsake at the end.

The painting background can be pre-painted based on requests.

How it works:  

The couple will paint individual pieces which will then be combined to form one work at the end.

Duration of Session

The session lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour

Sample Painting

Couples can discuss what they prefer to paint and your session will be customized to suit you.


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