What is Life on Canvas?

About the Book:

Life on Canvas is a selection of stories taken from my life journey juxtaposes with artistic elements that stimulates interest, inspires motivation and encourages action. This book has powerful life lessons on how to change ones perspective and transform a bare canvas (life) into a painting of new and picturesque outcomes. The motivational strokes woven throughout the book will encourage and inspire the reader and provides a desire to reframe life’s challenges, find solutions, and encourages one to be true to their life purpose.
Each chapter in the book is a layer of a painting of my life, as you read, your creative imagination will allow you to see the world through my eyes, and recreate the elements using lines, colour, emotions, tints and shades. In doing this, you too will introspect through the stories to envision a panoramic view of your life, if you add a stroke of creativity, passion, perseverance and persistent.

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