With Gratitude Your Refund is Assured!

I have never applied for a National Housing Trust (NHT) refund before; this is a 80% refund on the contributions made to the entitiy for the previous year.   Given that I have a NHT mortgage, I relied on the belief that the refund will automatically go towards my principal and therefore, I don’t have to apply for the refund.

So when a colleague encourgaged me to apply, I was hesitant.  I decided to do it anyhow, given that it would take only a few minutes and that it wouldn’t cost me anything. Then a couple weeks later, I got the surprize of my life, as the refund was way over and above what I thought it would be.

I was so delighted that I called my colleague and promised him a drink and extended gratitude for his encouragements in this regard.  I was so happy!  Wow I thought, I now have monies to do a variety of small projects that have been lingering.

Then I thought to myself.  NHT is just brushing the surface of the refunds that will be made to me this year.  What do I mean, you wonder?  Well, my thought was simply this, my NHT refund was a set amount and was based on the amounts of monies I put in the trust.  But for me this year, I am aligning myself with more gratitude which will give me not just what I put in, but all the abundance of God.  Luke 6 vs 38 let me know that its possible, it says: “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over…”

This year, I will give more praise and raise my consciousness and frequency for more to come into my life.  I will give more of that which is good and so I will be in the flow of receiving.  Therefore, not only will I get more of what I sow, but it will be multiplied and running over in my life.

NHT gives refunds every year, God gives refunds every moment.  The next breath that I take is a refund on the previous! Isn’t that so much to give thanks for?  So I encourage you to have a magnified attitude of gratitude this year.  Sow good seeds like you do monthly with your NHT payments, consistently and fervently and watch your refund grow and manifest, not just annually but in each moment of each day.

Let’s just give thanks more, praise God more and talk about God’s goodness more.  How can we do this?  Simply, talk about God’s goodness everyday instead of gossiping of others.  Find the good in all situations especially the bad ones, and instead of lamenting how “wicked” people are, and how they are “grudgeful”, we give thanks for the opportunities in our life. When things happen that hurt us, it’s just showing us where you need to grow.  So let’s grow this year and give thanks for the positive changes that we will make, that will make us better human being. Instead of getting bitter, let us get better using gratitude that will make us even richer!

Let your gratitude determine your altitude and colour your world with bright colours!

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